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MyAbhyaas is all about leveraging technology and the power of Internet to enable billions of youth acquire practical know-how and skills to become competent professionals. While “My” is about our commitment to provide personalized learning to students and professionals, Abhyaasa (abh-YAH- sah) is taken from Sanskrit – one of the oldest Indo-European languages. Abhyaasa (abh-YAH- sah) implies a consistent and dedicated effort on acquiring knowledge and skills to realize one’s true potential.

We are here to democratize learning by bringing top-notch academicians and corporate professionals as instructors, mentors and personal guides to students and professionals who are continuously working towards their skills building. We firmly believe that such a great enabler like education must go beyond the boundaries of classroom and geographies and must reach to billions of youth. We believe in Knowledge At Your Fingertips! And are working towards realizing this.


01. Learn New Skills On The Go!

Choose from scores of courses with self-paced study sessions. Access your online learning materials from anywhere, anytime! Liberate yourself from the limitation imposed by classroom-based sessions.

02. Train With The Best!

Learn from the best trainers and instructors on selected subjects! Access our panel of experts and ask your doubts freely and boost your grasps on subject / problem solving technique.

03. Integrated Learning Solution!

Integrated global economy offers opportunities to those who keep on reinventing their knowledge base! We continuously analyse the evolving trends to provide you with the latest and best learning materials.

04. Personalized And Customized!

“One Size Does Not Fit All” is motto at MyAbhyaas. Assigned mentors focus on personalized learning that boosts an individual’s strong areas and help improve proficiency in weak areas.

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