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MyAbhyaas Mentorship Program


Be a part of our quest to positively influence a billion plus lives when more and more youth are looking for right guide to acquire and enhance their skills set. As a Mentor, you would be one of the most valued partners for students who are looking forward to go ahead in life. MyAbhyaas is all about providing experts like you, who are passionate about training, a platform to reach millions of students and share your knowledge and skill sets with them.  As a mentor you would be required to guide students on step-by-step process and explain concepts with real world examples.

Cash in the benefits!

We believe, this wonderful journey will give you a unique opportunity to realize personal gratification as well monetary benefits.

You derive personal gratification from helping students and professionals to build and improve their career. The students, professionals and learners would look up to you for step-by-step guidance to attain their professional goals. This simply means you would play a pivotal role in shaping millions of careers by teaching them the right way of approaching and solving the problems. As their immediate trainer, you will make tangible and meaningful contribution. In the process you attain recognition in your domain as you get an opportunity to interact with other instructors/ industry veterans in your domain as well as other domains.

You get attractive monetary rewards too for your efforts. MyAbhyaas will appoint a mentor on the basis of number of students, their previous feedback on your effectiveness as well as students preference for going for any particular cost category.

The monetary rewards explained

Achieve your monetary goals as a mentor with us! At MyAbhyaas we view mentors as our trusted partners and the nearest confidant for the students/professionals enrolled for the course. Keeping this in view, MyAbhyaas has developed a tiered revenue sharing structure which is decided on the basis of, experience level, feedback from the students, and demand/popularity for the mentor from the students/professionals. The monetary rewards for a mentor would be devised on a case to case basis in collaboration with MyAbhyaas management team.

Double rewards- Opportunity to become an instructor

While you closely train and guide the students/professionals, you have an opportunity to become an instructor, develop your own course content for MyAbhyaas! This simply doubles your benefits of being associated with us. With your role as an instructor you also get an opportunity to generate additional monetary benefits as an instructor.

The pre-requisites for you to become a part of this journey as a mentor

At MyAbhyaas, we define mentors as individuals with 2-7 years of relevant industry experience or academia. Prospective mentor should have executed various complexities and varieties of assignments/projects pertaining to his/her subject matter/domain. You should have

  • Passion for training and development of students, professionals and learners
  • Have a clear idea in terms of approaching and executing various types/complexities of projects in his/her subject matter or domain
  • Have the ability to guide a student/professional through a structured and meaningful course work and,
  • Hold relevant and valid qualifications for the subject matter or domain

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Drop us a line on mentors@myabhyaas.com or career@myabhyaas.com if you are just ready to get started on this exciting Journey!

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